Prophecy Clock – The Rapture

I’ve been trying to avoid this topic for a long time. I don’t like controversy, and this site is really about only one thing – helping you survive what is coming. Unfortunately, I’ve painted myself into a corner, so we need to talk about this subject. The problem is that if you believe that the rapture will happen before anything bad comes… well, you won’t prepare. And, history is full of what happens to people who believe that nothing bad can happen to them. Please remember that it doesn’t matter what YOU think about what God is saying. It truly … Read more

WEEKEND SHOCKCAST: Christian Anti-Zionism, US and Iran, 2 New DoomCasts and GeoEngineering

Welcome to the Weekend ShockCast. As I have said a couple times before, I am just not able to juggle all of my responsibilities in a way that allows me to record daily ShockCasts. So, I’ve chosen to do it on the weekend, when I have more time, and… well, I kinda think that this might turn out to be better for you, as well. It certainly is easier to download one audio file a week, instead of five small ones. We’ll see how this works out. So, what did we talk about this week? The Rise of Christian Anti-Zionism … Read more

Killing Earth With GeoEngineering – Part 1 – I Finally Get It

It took me a while to confirm to my own satisfaction that ‘they’ really were spending trillions of dollars to weave a toxic lattice of chemtrails across America’s skies. In fact, I was finally convinced only a few weeks ago when someone came forward with firsthand evidence that made it become real to me. The Disciples proved the reality of Christianity by demonstrating their willingness to sacrifice their lives for the name of Jesus. And no one sacrifices their life for something that THEY KNOW is a lie. When people make big sacrifices for the truth, you pay attention. Well, Kristen … Read more

Struggling With Giants

I saw something Sunday night that I cannot explain in any way that sounds rational. What I saw was clearly not human. It wasn’t shaped like a human, although it was humanoid. It didn’t have the right number of teeth. It’s eyes were too big. It’s head was too large and too long. It’s brain was at least 25% larger than mine, which was a little intimidating. And, it had no sagittal suture. That is what got me. The lack of a sagittal suture. Every human being has two parietal plates in their skull and a sagittal suture between them, … Read more

Origins of 9/11 – Part 1 – It Starts With the Cold War

Laying out the origins of the 9/11 attack is going to be difficult. I’ve already laid out Saudi involvement, and the very real possibility of US intelligence participation – however small, or large. The problem is that all of this seems bizarre and completely beyond comprehension. How could any of this possibly be true? Unfortunately, three years ago, I would be shouting this article down and labeling it as the insane product of drugs, alcohol and an overheated imagination. But, that was before I discovered that the picture painted by the mainstream media had pieces missing – pieces that were … Read more

Hidden Secrets of Money

By now, you know that disaster is coming, and that’s REALLY depressing. Believe me when I say that I get depressed writing about it. But, this disaster contains a silver lining. For some, this silver lining means wealth and prosperity. For others, it provides the ability to serve God by serving others. The question is, which one are you? The point is that monetary catastrophes do not destroy wealth. (That may sound strange to you, but bear with me.) In actuality, depressions and recessions TRANSFER wealth – from weak hands to strong ones. For instance, did you know that more … Read more

Why Is Obama Purging Top Military Officers?

Almost 200 high ranking military officers have been purged from the ranks of the US military in the five years that Obama has been President, and this purge is set to continue. Couple this with credible reports of officers being asked if they would obey an order to disarm or fire on US civilians, and you start to wonder if something very, very sinister is going on. Then we have the rise of the DHS, a ‘department’ that is looking more and more like a domestic army. Remember this Obama campaign pledge in 2008: “We cannot continue to rely only … Read more

James Wesley Rawles

When you’re sick, you need a doctor. When you’re REALLY sick, you need a specialist. After what I posted on Friday, it should be clear to you that we’re REALLY sick, and that we REALLY need a specialist. And, I think that James Wesley Rawles might be a specialist that you’re looking for. James is a veteran of Army Intelligence with experience in field operations, which means that he wasn’t just commanding a desk and shuffling papers (although, he probably did THAT, too). And, he’s not a hysterical alarmist. He’s a very calm, cool and collected guy who knows exactly … Read more

Undeniable Fact 3 – Global Resource Production Has Stopped Increasing or is Declining

This spells doom for our civilization, and I so truly wish that this was hyperbole. Right now, it’s hard to see our resource problem because it’s obscured by so many other issues. But, in a few short decades our civilization is going to come to a crashing halt because it will have run out of the vital resources it needs to maintain 7.1 billion people in a modern, comfortable lifestyle. Of course, the lack of resources won’t destroy our civilization. No, it will be our struggle for what’s left of those resources that will destroy our civilization. To put it … Read more

Hyperinflation Begins Next Year

That’s the word from John Williams, of, when he was interviewed by Greg Hunter’s Now, he’s not saying that we will suffer immediate, massive inflation next year. But, he is saying that the process will begin sometime next year. After all, hyperinflation is inflation that accelerates, and prime examples of hyperinflation, Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe, show hyperinflation to be essentially logarithmic – starting out slow before blasting skyward. Just take a look at a graph of the price of .35842 grams of gold in Germany, from January 1, 1918. Here’s what that graph looks like: In just five … Read more

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