Always Ask WHY

The reasons why these Last Days are the way that they are… well …they’re complex, and the only publication that simplifies that complexity is the Bible. All others end up in deception when simplifying current events.

In fact, I worry about engaging in accidental deception, when I try to unravel the complexities for you. That’s why you should never take what I say ‘at face value’.

Always look deep. Always.

You will never understand what’s really happening if you don’t look below the surface. There are dark currents under that ice that you stand on, so I encourage you to understand those currents so that you can make your way to firmer ground.

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The drumbeat for war is accelerating. And, it is NOT a coincidence that the financial system appears to be ready for a complete collapse.

Bix Weir said that this financial collapse will happen within the next four months, and the evidence indicates that he’s right. And, others have echoed his sentiments. Of course, he and these same ‘others’ have made this prediction before – and were wrong. The reason why they were wrong is solely due to the herculean efforts by the banksters to artificially prop up the financial system.

However, there is a limit to how long they can keep the system from collapse. And, if they see a collapse coming… well …they’ll take us to war.

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The War of 2015 – Part 1 – The Next 9/11

As I see the pieces fall into place, I find myself struggling to express how I really feel. The Illuminati, NWO elites have set us up for destruction and atrocity on a global scale. They are going to launch the greatest false-flag terrorist attack in the history of the world, and then they will send you to war.

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It just makes me sick.

How can such evil exist?

I can hardly believe it. But, it does exist, and you only need to look through the history books to find it. And, we are about to see the worst of it brought to life, before our very eyes.

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Terrorism at Sochi

There are just 18 days until the Opening Ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics. Those ceremonies represent the biggest target for any terrorist attack, and the Chechen Islamic rebels have promised a ‘surprise package’ for everyone who goes to the Olympics. And, it seems that some pretty powerful figures have decided that their schedules are too full to attend the games. Isn’t that interesting? To me, the question isn’t whether there will be terrorism at the Sochi Olympics. No, the big question revolves around what Russia will do in response to terrorism at Sochi. And, I believe that it will center … Click here to read the rest…

2014 – The Beginning of the End – Terrorism, Tyranny and Chaos

It’s the last day of 2013, and I find myself at something of a loss for words. While it is true that I remember being uneasy just before 2013 started, I truly feel a difference this time. There’s a feeling of clouds gathering – like the thunderheads that swept through my hometown in Indiana. That electric feel to the air is profoundly unsettling. While I wrestle with my disquiet, let me pass on a few things that have been happening – events that will impact you in 2014. Saudi Arabia is making good on her threat of terrorism against Russia. … Click here to read the rest…

The Enemy Is Among Us

I just finished Frank Gaffney’s 10 lesson series on how deeply the Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the US government, and even I am shocked at how far they have gotten. They are everywhere in the US government and have complete access to the highest levels of power. They are the most incredible ‘Fifth Column‘ that I have ever seen. No enemy of the United States has ever had this degree of penetration. And, we have BOTH George Bush and Barack Obama to thank for this. And yes, they are deeply involved in BOTH the Republican and Democrat parties. Very deeply. … Click here to read the rest…

Rumours of War 3

I saw Rumours of War 3 last night, and it is an eye-opener. Iran has deeply penetrated the United States and has been working its way into government and into strategically sensitive areas. We’ve even been catching members of the Iranian delegation to the UN touring in groups and photographing bridges, power plants, military bases and suchlike. You know… typical Iranian tourist stuff. I’ve talked about an EMP strike, but what about a strike by armed guerrillas? There are only 5,800 active power plants in the United States. How many people would it take to bring them all down? Not … Click here to read the rest…

You Have Been Betrayed – Iranium

I just finished watching a film that should frighten you and make you COMPLETELY furious. I myself, was yelling at the screen during the last few minutes. The bottom line is this: You have been betrayed. The Iranian people have been betrayed. And, the price that we all will pay for this betrayal cannot be calculated. But, watch the movie for yourself. It’s an hour long, but it is an excellent introduction to the issues, and even people like me will learn (and see) something new.   Seriously, this is a very, very important movie. Watch it today.

Christians Targetted In Europe

It looks like being a Christian in Europe is a bad idea. In fact, statistics seem to indicate that Christianity is the single most ill-treated religion on that blighted continent. Of course, statistics can be misinterpreted, so I should add a note of caution here. (It’s hard to believe that Christians are treated worse than the Jewish people.) But, whatever the case, Christians are suffering more and more discrimination and could very well find themselves in the same boat as the Jews. But, unlike the Jews, there’s no Christian homeland to flee to. Bull’s-eye placed on European Christians Report counts … Click here to read the rest…

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