SHOCKCAST: Civil War and the Plan for a New World Order You can also find this ShockCast on YouTube, here: The YouTube link is here: The text is here:

Civil War and the Plan for a New World Order

I am so upset by the evil that is happening in the land of my birth, that I could chew nails. In fact, if I weren’t something of a pacifist, I would be actively planning to do something about it – and that includes active, violent revolution. So, I’m glad that I’m NOT in the US. I’m not sure that my pacifist views are strong enough to keep my temper in check. What local and federal governments are doing to American citizens makes my blood boil. What the federal government is ordering our soldiers to do, also makes my blood … Read more

SHOCKCAST: 2014 – The Beginning of the End You can also find this ShockCast on YouTube, here: The YouTube link is here: The text is here:

2014 – The Beginning of the End – It Starts With a Catastrophe

For the past 25 years, whenever anyone asked me what I thought about the rise of the Antichrist, I always said that it could never happen without a catastrophe – something so big, that people would grab a hold of ANYTHING that promises an escape. And, over the past couple of years, we’ve begun to see how that is possible. In fact, many of us have stopped wondering WHAT that catastrophe would look like, and started to think about WHEN it would happen. Well, I believe that the WHEN is here. Now, I’m not a prophet, and what I’m going … Read more

If Jim Garrow is Right, YOU Are in Trouble – PART 2

We have established Dr. Jim Garrow’s qualifications. He is an honest, sincere brother in Christ, who fears God. Furthermore, he is a 45-year veteran of deep-cover operations for the CIA. And, he has spent millions of dollars of his own money to save the lives of 45 thousand Chinese girls. If a man like that comes into the room and says that the sky has just turned purple, you’d need to go out and check first (and get an eye exam) before you disagree. That’s why I am treating Jim’s news so seriously. He has experience gathering intelligence and evaluating … Read more

A New Hitler Rises

When a spy comes in from the cold, he’s usually in a state of shock during the first few days, especially if he only had 48 hours notice before the President of the United States blew his cover. Add 45 years of experience in field operations, and the shock would have to be something amazing. But, let us go further and have our agent lose more than a $100 million of his own hard-earned savings, and you can only guess what state a person like that would be in. Let’s see… yes, as long as we’re being ‘hypothetical’… we should … Read more

Why Is Obama Purging Top Military Officers?

Almost 200 high ranking military officers have been purged from the ranks of the US military in the five years that Obama has been President, and this purge is set to continue. Couple this with credible reports of officers being asked if they would obey an order to disarm or fire on US civilians, and you start to wonder if something very, very sinister is going on. Then we have the rise of the DHS, a ‘department’ that is looking more and more like a domestic army. Remember this Obama campaign pledge in 2008: “We cannot continue to rely only … Read more

Undeniable Fact 5 – Militarization of the DHS, Domestic Police Forces and FEMA

We’ve now come perilously close to something that some would call conspiracy theory. But, you would have to be blind not to see the fact that official explanations do not fit what everyone can see with their own eyes. The US government has been involved in the creation of paramilitary organizations across America, and the explanation that they give for this – if you can get one – doesn’t make sense. Let’s get the facts out of the way. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition – most of that very expensive and very … Read more

The Last Big Shock Is Coming

We face four of the biggest challenges that we have ever faced. In fact, it has been five thousand years since we faced anything like these challenges. Any one of them would destroy us, and they are coming down upon us all at once, in one last big shock – an Omega Shock. And, we are ignoring it. Challenge Number One: Natural Resource Collapse The discovery of fossil fuels enabled us to harvest ever greater amounts of natural resources. This cornucopia revolutionized our civilization and ushered in a golden age of communication, education, art, travel, science and an incredible technology. … Read more

Apocalypse – Five Personal Implications

So, we’ve reached the limit. From this day on, we will produce less oil, less coal, less natural gas, less… everything energy related. What does that mean to you, personally? First – Economy Your standard of living is going to fall dramatically. The company where you work will start losing money and will very quickly need to lay off workers. If the company can’t reduce costs fast enough, they will go out of business. More and more of your income is going to be consumed by fuel and food. The cost of heating your home in the winter is going … Read more

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