Iran Must be Stopped

Every generation seems to have its version of the World War II leader of Nazi Germany.

What would have happened to the world if Adolf Hitler had succeeded in building a nuclear weapon?

What would have happened if he had built several of them, before launching World War II?

Unfortunately, a worse-than-Hitler has arrived, and they have learned from Hitler’s mistakes. Worse, they are fueled by a passion that sees death as a mere inconvenience. And, they have genocide on their minds.

Would you allow people like that to have nuclear weapons?

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Iran is Completely Insane – The Details Confirm It

Yesterday, I introduced to you the idea that Iran is completely insane. And, the last 40 years has demonstrated that they did lose their minds. Hostage-taking, terrorism, proxy conflicts and suicide attacks – Iran has done all of that and more for incomprehensible reasons.

However, we now know that Iran is following a script. They are playing a role that they believe to have been laid out in Shia eschatology, over a thousand years ago.

We talked about it yesterday, but now we need to look more closely at the details.

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Earthquake in the Middle East

I want to pack in a few more cheeseburgers before a financial Armageddon descends upon us, so I was relieved when Greece surrendered to Europe and when China put a draconian halt to financial losses in the Chinese stock market. I feel sorry for the Greeks and the Chinese, but I like my cheeseburgers.

Unfortunately, something happened this week that has dampened my appetite and catastrophically reorganized a region that I like to call home:

The Middle East

Obama’s surrender to Iran has unleashed the dogs of war. This geopolitical earthquake will change the face of the Middle East forever. And, it has brought us a huge leap closer to Ezekiel’s Fire.

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America Destroyed – Part 4 – The Deadly Options

America is on a death march to ruin. I laid out yesterday just a few of the events that are convincing the Russians of America’s intention to destroy Russia. Worse, we have evidence that the US is actively planning a nuclear first strike.

To the Russians, death lies at the door, and the only hope for the Bear is a first strike of her own. So, the question is:

How would such an attack succeed, without the US retaliating and destroying Russia?

That’s a good question. There are several ways that Russia could pull off an attack that would leave the US incapable of responding.

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Big Brother Has Arrived

My goal with OmegaShock is to help as many people as possible understand what’s coming, so that they can prepare themselves and their families and their friends. If I knew that everyone was fully prepared for what’s coming, or at least understood what’s coming, I’d close this site down tomorrow and go on to something else. Unfortunately, there are very, very few of us who are awake and aware. There are even fewer that are taking steps to prepare themselves for a dystopian future. The challenge that I have, each and every work day, is to find ways to package … Click here to read the rest…

The People Behind Occupy Wall Street

I just saw this a couple hours ago, and I was impressed by how Glenn Beck packaged his information and made it understandable. You REALLY need to watch this, and if you like what you see, you need to sign up for GBTV. It’s not expensive, and it just might put you ahead of the curve when things turn bad. (If you think things are bad now, wait till you see what’s coming.) I bet that, when you are finished watching this video… I bet that you will ask yourself, what I asked myself… Why did we let things get … Click here to read the rest…

72 Hours

That’s the shortest amount of time it would take for help to arrive from outside your area. That’s the amount of time it would take for people to realize that help isn’t going to arrive. That’s the time you have to get to safety when everything falls apart. Another way of saying this is that we are all “nine meals from anarchy“. When the power goes off and doesn’t come back on (and won’t come back on) you have 72 hours to get to a place where you’ll be safe – and that may be an optimistic assessment. You might … Click here to read the rest…

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