We have gone insane. We have one group of people who have thrust their heads firmly in the sand, claiming that there is nothing to fear from Ebola. We have another group that is rapidly growing in size and hysteria. This group will quickly take over everyone else, except for the third group. The third group is made up of those who have quietly and carefully chosen a life of preparedness. This third group looks at Ebola as just another of many threats, and has made some adjustments to their lives in response. They aren’t hysterical. They don’t have their … Click here to read the rest…

Ebola – The False Flag You’ve Been Waiting For

When things fall apart, people get upset and blame the government. If governments don’t come to the rescue, people rush out onto the street and tear governments down.

Governments don’t like this.

To stop such threats to their survival, governments declare martial law – which tends to make governments look bad.

Governments don’t like that, either. So, they try to use different excuses for martial law – like war. And, that was the tried and true method for every government, and frankly there weren’t many options to choose from.

But, in our technocratic society, governments have quite a few new alternatives…

…like pandemic disease.

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SHOCKCAST: The Second American Revolution and the Globalist Plan to Defeat It

http://www.omegashock.com/shockcast/2014-01/shockcast-2014-01-07.mp3 http://www.omegashock.com/shockcast/2014-01/shockcast-2014-01-07.mp3 You can find the YouTube version, here: The YouTube link is here: http://youtu.be/93mZRrzQ57o The text is here: http://www.omegashock.com/2014/01/07/the-second-american-revolution-and-the-globalist-plan-to-defeat-it/

The Second American Revolution and the Globalist Plan to Defeat It

We are on the verge of another American revolution, and some have predicted that it will start this year. At all levels, the US government is perpetrating crimes that cry out for people to rise up and take down the corrupt oligarchy that we have, and replace it with something more honest. The problem is that the globalists understand this, especially since they are the authors of the corruption we wish to eliminate. In fact, they may even be the ones who are managing the revolution that so many wish to start. Can you see the wheels within wheels, here? … Click here to read the rest…

Apocalypse – Five Personal Implications

So, we’ve reached the limit. From this day on, we will produce less oil, less coal, less natural gas, less… everything energy related. What does that mean to you, personally? First – Economy Your standard of living is going to fall dramatically. The company where you work will start losing money and will very quickly need to lay off workers. If the company can’t reduce costs fast enough, they will go out of business. More and more of your income is going to be consumed by fuel and food. The cost of heating your home in the winter is going … Click here to read the rest…

This is Completely Frightening

The fact that a few scientists can fiddle a bit with a virus and come up with a doomsday bug… isn’t just shocking. It’s mind-blowing frightening. That was just way too easy. WAY too easy. What will the future look like when any two-bit terrorist with access to a lab can cook up a super bug that will kill every last man, woman, child and ferret (yes, ferrets) within sneezing distance. And yes, with our ability to run around the globe, everyone is within ‘sneezing distance’. Here’s the article that got my Fruit-of-Looms in a bunch: Pandemic Possible? Scientist Genetically … Click here to read the rest…

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