Fear of the Next Shoe

The jubilation over the Trump victory is dying down. And we look fearfully at what comes next. And, we should.

Well, we shouldn’t if we’ve been prayerfully preparing for what is coming. But, for those who haven’t… bad news is around the corner. Lots and lots of bad news.

I truly hope that you’ll be ready for this. I really do.

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From Bad to Worse

Recent Quote of the Week from Zero Hedge: Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce…and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate. – President James Garfield, 2 weeks before his assassination. I spend several hours a day, combing through the news to find that one bit of analysis that you need – just that one bit. And usually, that’s all you … Read more

Richard Maybury

As I told you in today’s post on Israel Outlook, I was abruptly derailed from my plans for the day by an email that came in from Stansberryresearch.com. It was the transcript of an interview with Stansberry’s “The Daily Crux“. It was also an ‘infomercial’ of sorts, which always sets my teeth on edge, but I’m used to that. I am happy to mine data from anything and everything, and when you looked past the obvious marketing (and it really wasn’t too bad), it was full of some very, very good material. Suffice it to say that the email knocked … Read more

Prepare for Difficult Years

The question is how fast they will come. We could see a slow, but relentless, failure of our financial system and our political system.That is certainly happening right now, and there doesn’t appear to be anything that will stem this relentless drift into the abyss. We could experience a massive shock that unleashes a series of knock-on effects that change society overnight. We have never been as interdependent as we are now, and that has left us astonishingly vulnerable. Iran could close the Strait of Hormuz and cause the price of oil to shoot through the roof. Unicredit in Italy … Read more

2012 Will Be Bad

But, you knew that. The question is ‘how bad’, and I’m not sure that anyone really knows. It might be more important to ask yourself if you are ready for the worst. Have you stored away basic necessities? Do you have a plan for when things get REALLY bad? I do, and you should too. Here’s another good article from Michael at theeconomiccollapseblog: A Very Scary Christmas And An Incredibly Frightening New Year Can you hear that?  It almost sounds like a little bit of peace and quiet.  This year, the holiday season has been fairly uneventful, and for that … Read more

The Watchman

I don’t know what’s crazy, anymore. I’ve always thought that the survivalists were complete nutters. And, in many ways, I still do. The problem is that their world view is looking more and more like reality, which is why I can’t go around calling them nutters anymore. Now, what does the title of this piece ‘The Watchman’ have to do with craziness? I was reading in Ezekiel 33, when I came across this passage:  2 Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon a land, and the people … Read more

Brink of Disaster

Yikes! That, was an incredible surprise. Greece actually threw the whole question of Greek bailout (and by default EU membership) to a referendum? And, the Prime Minister sacks the heads of the military? At the same time? You know, I was just settling down to the idea that our timetable for disaster was going to be delayed. I thought to myself “Maybe I’ll get a chance to work on some of those other writing projects. Maybe I’ll get a chance to kick back for a bit and coast.” Nope. Not gonna happen. People are determined to be idiots, and I’m … Read more

Europe Headed for Disaster

You know, when you have a hole in your gas tank, you must fix the hole before putting any more gasoline in the tank. Yes, it’s true that the engine stalls, and everything stops moving forward when you do that. But, you cannot keep dumping fuel into a leaky gas tank. Pretty soon, the price of gasoline will go up, and you’ll eventually run out of more of it to put in the tank. Here are the steps for fixing a leaking gas tank: Stop car. Fix tank. Fill tank. Start car. What Europe has done so far is fix … Read more

Europe Safe, Maybe For Now

If you remember, I was worried about October 17. Well, that came and went without so much as a flutter, basically because the EU stepped in and paid the shortfall on Greece’s payments due on that day. It was a relief, but it only put off the problem until January. Well, there’s a meeting of EU members to try and fix the problem, and the voice that everyone was listening for was Germany’s – specifically, Germany’s agreement to play it’s part in the Greek bailout. And, Germany DID agree, mostly. Basically, Germany agreed to pay its share of the €440bn … Read more

Economic Apocalypse in Less Than 21 Days?

It’s Friday. You do NOT want to hear bad news on a Friday. I don’t want to hear bad news on a Friday. I don’t want to WRITE about bad news on a Friday. Fridays are for fun stuff and leaving work early. Fridays are for thinking about that awesome weekend project that you’ve been working on. Fridays are NOT for economic devastation and global financial apocalypse. Unfortunately, that’s what we’ve got. And no, what I’m going to write about on Monday isn’t really any better. It’s also going to be about apocalypse. Here’s a bit of video to rub … Read more

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