Alien Deception – Jim Garrow

About this time – last year – I started hearing about a grand alien deception that was coming. The article that came out of that discovery was this one:

Space Aliens?

It’s still bizarre to me that anyone would treat such an idea seriously. But, a large portion of our Euro-American civilization has come to believe that aliens from outer space really do exist. In fact, more Americans believe that Aliens have visited Earth than believe that Jesus is God (or at least, the Son of God).

Since my article on aliens in April of last year, I have kept my eyes open for more stories on this. And, I was a bit surprised to find that Jim Garrow had something to say about it.


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Alien Deception – Jim Garrow

I have a profound respect and admiration for Jim Garrow. I believe him to be a sincere brother in Christ, and I consider him to be an honest source of information. The fact that he has been a field officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, adds a lot of weight to what he has to say.

This doesn’t mean that everything that he says is true. He’s human, which means that he has the capacity to make mistakes. Furthermore, his own sources of information could be lying to him – or THEIR sources, etc.

This means that I don’t treat everything that he says as if it were rock-hard evidence. I do some checking first. I try to find other places where he’s said what he’s saying, to try and find out as much of the whole story as possible. And then, I try to dig up other trustworthy sources.

So, when Steve published a link to an interview of Jim Garrow by Bobby Powell of The Truth is Viral, I was immediately intrigued. Here’s the interview:

CIA Spy: Alien Contact To Be Announced By Obama; Secret Deal With Putin/China Over Dollar Collapse

YouTube shortlink:

(By the way, please pray for Bobby Powell. He is a sincere brother in Christ that has been going through great trials and needs our support.)

You can watch the key part of the interview – at the 29 minute 54 second mark – here:
(This link is fast-forwarded to 29:54)

THAT was astounding.

Another Angle

Then I went looking for another angle to this, and I came across Erik Rush’s interview with Jim Garrow on December 30th, 2013. The part that is germane to this discussion can be found just after the 1 hour 41 minute mark of his December 30th show. I have isolated the relevant segment (11 minutes, 35 seconds long) for you, here:

So, this was something that has been in the works for something like 30 years, and we are now getting close to having it revealed.

Does this sound like something familiar to you?

It Sounds Kinda’ Like the Antichrist

Yeah. It sounds kinda’ like the Antichrist.

When I talked about the Deeper than Deep State on Friday, I also mentioned that there was a level even deeper than that. These Satanists are plotting to deceive the world with their own ‘dark messiah’, and it sounds to me like they are getting ready to introduce him as an Alien savior.

Are you ready for this?
(That’s a link. Do more than just think about it.)


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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22 thoughts on “Alien Deception – Jim Garrow”

  1. Dear John Little:

    Many of us know that the Nazis during WW2 were developing advanced technology – some that we know about, some that is still secret. There is technology out there that is highly advanced – 50 – 100 ahead. Operation Paperclip and the likes of Werner von Braun (USA space program) are small potatoes/ bottom of the barrel. Also the Vatican with their telescopes in Gandalfo and in Arizona (Lucifer Telescope) are in the same category. Tom Horn and Chris Putnam also state that the Vatican wants to set up an alien deception and present this being as the saviour of mankind. This would shake up people’s concept of God and Jesus. This deception would shake most people to the core of their belief. Only the people in the body of Christ, the true church would not be fooled. Thus the One World Religion of the False Prophet would be formed. Keep up your work as the Watchman. Thanks, Norbert.

    • Hey Norbert,

      There is definitely some truth to what you say about Nazi technology, since so much technology has come from these people. However, I am forced to be a little skeptical about some of the claims that I am hearing until I see more evidence. But, for the rest, I whole-heartedly agree. And thank you for your warm regard.

      I very much appreciate it, Norbert.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  2. Hi, John. The two audio files sound eerily similar to Tom Horn and Chris Putnam’s “Exo-Vaticana”. I must admit I’m surprised the o-man would be the chosen spokesperson. I might have chosen the Pope….

    • Hi bert,

      We’ll see who winds up the ‘spokesperson’ for the aliens. This scenario has yet to play out.

      As for the Vatican, remember that the Vatican rides the beast – and will eventually be burned with fire by the beast. (Unless America is the Great Whore) I do not understand why so many people are predicting that Rome will the prophet for the Antichrist.

      Thank you for that comment, bert.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Hi, could be that the devil would wish to “be like the Most High” (Is 14:14) and so would copycat Christ, (beast will raise himself above all that is called God-2nd thess 2, dan 11:36, but if akin to any, would it be trying to be as if Christ?). Also even the worldly have an innate sense that Christ is it, so deceive people by copycatting Him. The 2nd beast/false prophet has 2 horns -like a lamb-(rev 13:11), and we know THE Lamb of God is Christ, so a copycat?, this one speaks as a dragon. So who in the worlds eyes represents christianity if not the roman catholic church(in the worlds eyes)? and this 2nd beast causes all to worship the first beast=a prophet making the way for a false messiah? another copy of things.

        Also rev 17:16, the 10 kings/horns(leaders) hate the harlot, could we see a foreshadowing of that today? If so, the world leaders show favor to the RCC, whereas there is one they show disdain even bordering on hatreds sometimes for and that’s the US (you’ve probably noticed it in the many news articles and statements etc that foreign leaders put out in the last some years).
        So some consider (none know) the who’s who of the things.
        The stumper is the blood of saints etc, but look deeper and see that more then the RCC has blood so..oh, and the nation US doesn’t preach a worship, the church does and etc..

        Anyway just stuff to look at.

        • Hey Carson,

          Thank you for that. Okay, I think that I understand why people think that the Vatican might be the false prophet, but everyone should understand that this is a supposition. Humility should make us emphasize that this might not be the case.

          And, thank you for offering food for thought, Carson. It’s very much appreciated.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

          • Yeah even when making a case for things it’s just that and not 100% on those prophesies and not foundational that I divide with others on them, even the catching up timing as example isn’t nearly as important as continuing and daily walk by faith in Christ.

  3. Didn’t Hoagland from the MSM controlled Coast AM show tell us a number of times that Obama was going to make the alien “disclosure?”

  4. Hi John,

    Was it just coincidence that the first modern sightings of flying saucers was by Kenneth Arnold over Mount Rainier on June 24, 1947 and Israel became a state less than one year later? I believe Satan can count and he knows his time is growing short.

  5. No emp will happen…if it did, all our 400 nuke reactors would go critical and kill then entire world……such a ridiculous notion. Unless they can somehow keep the plants from going offline which if the country is shutdown there would be no need for the plants. And if the country is shut down, no one would wanna work at the plants and they would still go critical….so yeah this is sooooo0o stupid…..feel free to email me with actual proof…as a patriot I read this crap all the time and you guys have no common sense about all this stuff…..I’m waiting for proof….oh right you have none as other sites….always every site has a secret source…

    • Hi Kp24,

      First of all… This is about ‘Alien Deception’, not EMP. So, I’m a little puzzled at your comment. It’s clear that you didn’t bother to read the article and just saw the name Jim Garrow.

      Now, as to your point, remember that God said that He would cause a great deal of damage to happen to the Earth. And, when you count it all up… well, most of the Earth is destroyed.

      So, you might be right. Good call, and another vote for an EMP attack.

      Thank you for that comment, Kp24.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  6. I have felt personally that alliens would be blamed on the rapture of the Church. This is very interesting information, and I consider it to be a good motivator to share the Gospel more openly, as the time table on this is obviously coming together. ~ Consider the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian flight. Jim Garrow attributes this to Obama, but I have seen more than one group speculate that this was allien abduction. It should be obvious to every believer looking for our “blessed hope” that the signs of the times are coming together!

  7. Preaching salvation through Jesus Christ and the results of not being saved resulting in hell can be gloom and doom but in reality its both joyous word to the saved and gloom and doom to unbelievers. A warning from God.

    The alien deception is something manufactured by globalists to drag believers away from Jesus and the truth. Many “christians” will believe these lies but that’s on them because they never really believed anyway.

  8. Please get help for your wife. It is not in the medical establishment. Please get her to a naturopath. Maybe God is trying to tell you something. I would give you some of my wisdom, get rid of the gluten and GMO’s in her diet. Please search for alternative methods. They are there and I know people who have been cured by them that are as bad off as your wife. Don’t give up. There is hope,and God would want you to seek help.Try it all, try natural, try accupuncture, try holistic, try herbs. Give it a try, what has she got to lose. Nothing, she can only gain from these practices. The holistic approach doesn’t poison the body like chemo and radiation does. The majority of people die from these two things before they die from the cancer.
    I have never seen your program before and I was about to click off on your page when you came on about your bad week. But I didn’t, maybe God was guiding me to listen so I could get in contact with you. I hope you and your wife find this info helpful.

    • Assuming his wife is a believer in Jesus, then acupuncture and holistic methods would indeed be dangerous to her, as they are foundations and practices of false religions, and would open up doorways for those demons to attack her. So at least with those two methods, she would very much have something to loose!

      • Hi See Dunamis,

        That would depend on what is done. Pure acupuncture is merely sticking needles into you. There is no hocus pocus. As for holistic methods, I have less understanding, but the word ‘holistic’ applies to a consideration of the ‘whole’. Again, no ‘hocus pocus’ necessary. However, I’m sure that a lot of that is done.

        But, I understand your concerns and would not recommend that anyone engage in anything that would violate their conscience.

        Thank you for that comment, See Dunamis.

        Yours in Christ,

        John Little

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