2014 – The Beginning of the End – Currency Reset and a Whole Lot More

As I laid out yesterday, I believe that 2014 will mark the beginning of the end. Or, maybe I should say that it will mark the VISIBLE start to the beginning of the end. Depending on how you define ‘The End’, you could describe ‘The Beginning of the End’ as starting in 1967, 1945, 1913, 1870, 1776 (but not the way you think), 1492 or even the true Christmas Day in 4 BC. 1967 marked the capture of Jerusalem, and Jesus specifically spoke of this as a marker for the Last Days. 1945 marked the beginning of the American Empire, and I have come to believe that this is the rise of the Seventh Head. 1913 marks the rise of the Federal Reserve and the IRS, and just months later, World War I began. 1870 marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the real beginnings in the consumption of Fossil Fuels and the rapid rise in global population. And, 1776 marked the beginning of the Illuminati, at least the official part. All of these beginnings play a key role in what we are facing right now, but we have not seen these ‘beginnings’ as a visible part of ‘The End’ – until now.