SHOCKCAST: The Globalists’ Final Solution for American Patriots

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The Globalists’ Final Solution for American Patriots

I’ve been thinking about the possibility of being wrong. There’s an element of the fantastic in what I’ve said, and I have to question how much of this is true. It’s hard to imagine that a Second American Revolution could actually take place. It’s also hard to imagine that a group of people could be able and willing to kill off such a large number of Americans for the sole purpose of gaining power. How is ANY of this possible?

The Shock Plan for Getting Ready – Scenarios

We have now reached the point where the answer to the preparation question, is ‘it depends’. Each one of you is different. Each of you has different abilities and challenges. Each of you has a different responsibility. Each of you has a different calling from God. And, that means that how you respond to disaster will be different.

Furthermore, there is more than one disaster coming our way. The financial disaster that looms over us is just the first of many. We have the very real possibility of an EMP attack, or a strike by a Solar Flare. Resource scarcity has already begun to bite, even though we don’t notice it yet. And, it appears that the possibility of apocalyptic natural disaster is somewhere, just over the horizon. The possibility of these events requires us to think in terms of scenarios.

James Wesley Rawles

When you’re sick, you need a doctor. When you’re REALLY sick, you need a specialist. After what I posted on Friday, it should be clear to you that we’re REALLY sick, and that we REALLY need a specialist. And, I think that James Wesley Rawles might be a specialist that you’re looking for.

James is a veteran of Army Intelligence with experience in field operations, which means that he wasn’t just commanding a desk and shuffling papers (although, he probably did THAT, too). And, he’s not a hysterical alarmist. He’s a very calm, cool and collected guy who knows exactly what he’s talking about. Even better, he’s a devout Christian who lives out his faith publicly and without shame. This is someone that you want as your neighbor when it all falls apart. But, that still doesn’t give you the picture of the man.

So, Are You in Shock, Yet?

Three years ago, if I had read everything that I told you on Friday, I would have discounted a lot of it and been highly critical of those bits that I agreed with. In other words, I would have said that I ‘got it’, but it wouldn’t have sunk in. Then, two years later, I would have run across something that puts it all together for me, and I’d say “Ah HA! I get it!” Epiphany, right?

Undeniable Fact 3 – Global Resource Production Has Stopped Increasing or is Declining

This spells doom for our civilization, and I so truly wish that this was hyperbole. Right now, it’s hard to see our resource problem because it’s obscured by so many other issues. But, in a few short decades our civilization is going to come to a crashing halt because it will have run out of the vital resources it needs to maintain 7.1 billion people in a modern, comfortable lifestyle.

Of course, the lack of resources won’t destroy our civilization. No, it will be our struggle for what’s left of those resources that will destroy our civilization. To put it another way, we will kill each other over the right to control and consume those resources that have suddenly become very, very expensive. Here’s what I said on Monday:

Undeniable Facts

What I am about to say cannot be denied. This is not supposition. There are no conspiracy theories here. These are facts.

You might argue that I talk about deniable facts in other posts, but this article contains the inarguable, inescapable and catastrophic truth. We can argue about the HOWs and WHYs of our current predicament. But, the WHATs… What is happening cannot be denied, and cannot be argued with. It’s reality, and acknowledging reality will help us get ready for what we have been denying for far too long.

Undeniable Fact #1: The US is Completely and Utterly Bankrupt.

Disaster Incoming: Capital Controls Being Implemented

This is shocking. When I wrote yesterday about hyperinflation beginning next year, I had no idea that I would see evidence of it just hours after posting my article. Capital controls are the first sign of hyperinflation, and Chase Bank fired the first warning shot by banning international wire transfers and limiting cash transactions – for small business accounts. And, the word now is that they are beginning to expand these limits to large businesses.

Four Horsemen Documentary

Sometimes, you need to take a step back and look at the ‘big picture’. I did that yesterday when I ran into a documentary that (in the words of the producer) “reveals the fundamental flaws in the economic system which have brought our civilization to the brink of disaster”. It’s only 98 minutes and 54 seconds, so it’s not able to spend too much time getting into the details of why and how we got here. But, it offers a historical perspective that should give everyone food for thought. And, for those that need an introduction to the current mess that we’re in… Then, this is a perfect opportunity to know and understand where we are all headed.

Syria, Pipeline Politics, OPEC & the USDollar – Jim Willie

Think of this as a reprise of my short series, Extremely Dangerous Times. In actuality, it should be the other way around. What I am introducing now is the inspiration for the interview that resulted in Extremely Dangerous Times. And, it lays out the conditions for that dreadful event, the coming of Gog and Magog.

Jim Willie is not a Christian, so he will undoubtedly be confused at the connection that I make here. But, for those of us who have been puzzled over why Gog and Magog would come down and attack Israel, Jim Willie’s analysis makes the whole thing much, much clearer.