The US Cannot Win a War with Iran

Iran’s nuclear weapons program must be stopped. There can be no question about this. And, neutralizing Iran’s nuclear capacity will lead to war.

Unfortunately, the mountains of Iran make an invasion impossible. In fact, Iran has never been conquered except when she was weak, and right now… she is NOT weak. Hopefully, the US military understands this.

The question is… what will Donald Trump and America’s allies do?

No one can be completely sure, but you can bet that some attempt will be made to fight a limited conflict. However, it’s doubtful that this conflict will STAY limited. And, the resulting cataclysm will be straight out of prophecy.

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Iran Must be Stopped

Every generation seems to have its version of the World War II leader of Nazi Germany.

What would have happened to the world if Adolf Hitler had succeeded in building a nuclear weapon?

What would have happened if he had built several of them, before launching World War II?

Unfortunately, a worse-than-Hitler has arrived, and they have learned from Hitler’s mistakes. Worse, they are fueled by a passion that sees death as a mere inconvenience. And, they have genocide on their minds.

Would you allow people like that to have nuclear weapons?

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Iran is Completely Insane – The Details Confirm It

Yesterday, I introduced to you the idea that Iran is completely insane. And, the last 40 years has demonstrated that they did lose their minds. Hostage-taking, terrorism, proxy conflicts and suicide attacks – Iran has done all of that and more for incomprehensible reasons.

However, we now know that Iran is following a script. They are playing a role that they believe to have been laid out in Shia eschatology, over a thousand years ago.

We talked about it yesterday, but now we need to look more closely at the details.

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Iran is Completely Insane

For 99.49% of the196 countries of the world, there is some reasonable expectation of sanity. You can deal with them. Offer incentives. Make trade deals. Even make peace. And, the threat of war actually means something to them. But, there is one country that seems immune to reason:


Most people are mystified by Iran’s seemingly irrational behavior, but they shouldn’t be – since it is fairly easy to understand why they choose to act the way that they do. They actually told us, and we didn’t pay attention. So, over the next few minutes I’m going to show EXACTLY why they are completely insane.

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More Intelligence from Jim Garrow

In the world of intelligence gathering and analysis, you know that not everything that you hear is true. Sometimes your information changes hands many times and gets distorted in the process. Sometimes a source that you thought was honest… wasn’t. Or, maybe the source didn’t hear something correctly. There are an endless number of explanations for why information is incorrect. That’s why you should never consider ‘intelligence’ to be 100% correct, because it never is. Never. That’s why intelligence agencies employ so many to analyze the information that they receive. I say all this because I have received ‘intelligence’ that … Click here to read the rest…

North Korea Tested Two Nukes

At least, that’s what seems to have happened back in 2010. The question is whether they tested them on their own behalf, or whether one (or both) was for another country, like…. oh… say… Iran – just to pick out a country at random. If true, I think that you can understand the implications of this. First, if at least one of these tests was for Iran, we can safely assume that the Iranians already HAVE nuclear weapons. Second, if so, it’s far too late to do anything about them. And the third implication? Iran with nukes? We are truly … Click here to read the rest…

Iranian Nukes

It’s Monday morning, and I’m just a little ray of sunshine to start off your week. Some of you have probably spent the weekend trying to convince yourself that all this is just a really bad dream, a nightmare brought on by too much pizza and too many reruns of Bonanza. Well, I’m here to tell you that our reality today is far, far worse than any of that. In addition to civilization falling apart, cascading failure of the rule of law, rampant murder of unborn children, eminent financial apocalypse, and the possibility of an Obama reelection victory… we have … Click here to read the rest…

Iran Has Nuclear Weapons

About four years ago, I speculated that Iran already had nuclear weapons, because it didn’t make sense that Iran would pass up the opportunity to procure such weapons from poorly guarded stockpiles in the Soviet Union. It just didn’t make sense to me that a paranoid, imperialistic country like Iran would not jump at the chance to get ‘the ultimate weapon’. Well, it seems that I was right. Iran did take the opportunity to get nuclear weapons on the cheap, and they now have the means to use those weapons. The question now remains, how long will they wait to … Click here to read the rest…

Iranian Nuclear Weapons Get More Real

The possibility that North Korea would supply Iran with weapons-grade uranium has bothered me for some time. It seems to me like the most logical thing in the world for Pyongyang to hand over nuclear weapons material to a nation hell-bent on using the material against an arch-enemy, the United States. I mean, if I was North Korea, I’d do that in a heart-beat. And, it seems that the possibility has become real enough to catch the attention of the Main Stream Media. If THOSE idiots catch on to something like this, you know we’re in trouble. So, I guess … Click here to read the rest…

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