America in Prophecy – The Wounded Head

Growing up, I’d always assumed that the heads of The Beast were modern-day individuals. And, like so many, every time that I would read The seven heads are seven mountains (Revelation 17:9), I’d just mentally wave it away and concentrate on what was easier to get my head around – verse 10.

Ignoring the difficult – and concentrating on the ‘easy’ – is normal. But, in this dangerous age, it’s a deadly habit. It is hard to understand what is coming, but that shouldn’t keep us from focusing on it.


Because the seventh head gets a deadly wound, and you do NOT want to be nearby when that wound happens.

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Luciferians and Christians

As I was sitting in church, yesterday, contemplating a great battle that was won almost two thousand years ago, I was struck yet again by character of God and His followers – as opposed to Satan and his followers. The Great High King of the Universe became a landless peasant, washed our feet, took upon Himself our sins and then died a sinner’s death… for His enemies. When I sat there and thought about that, I was impressed by the difference between ourselves and those who follow Lucifer. We seek humility. They seek pride. We worship the God of Peace. … Read more

Black Awakening – Vatican Crimes

If you’ve been wading through the massive amount of material that I threw at you yesterday, I’m not sure that you have enough time for another article. Unfortunately, there’s a dimension to this Black Awakening that I haven’t seen Russ Dizdar touch on – because I haven’t been through all of his writings and videos. The Catholic Church claims to worship Jesus, and it’s very, very hard to criticize such an organization. I have some difficulty with this, myself, because I believe that there are those inside the Catholic Church who are sincere followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus … Read more

Black Awakening – Russ Dizdar Interviewed by Sheila Zilinsky

I grew up in a family that was oriented towards science and technology. My parents both had college degrees, and I myself suffered through eight years of university foolishness. So, even though we had a steadfast faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we were immersed in a world that we could touch and feel. The world of the demonic… well, we had to take it on faith. That changed four years ago when I traveled to the Far East for the first time. I ran into spiritual forces that I’d never encountered before. It was shocking and eye-opening. … Read more

Origins of 9/11 – Part 4 – Wrapping It Up With the Jesuits and the Illuminati

Books have been written on the subject of the origins of 9/11, so there’s a lot to say about it. However, we have other issues to look into, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. So, I will wrap it up here. But, there are two players that deserve dishonorable mention – the Jesuits and the Illuminati. Whenever there are dirty deeds that affect the course of history, you can bet that the Jesuits and the Illuminati are not far away. So, I want to go into a few observations about the roles that they played in the CIA – the intelligence … Read more

The Last Big Shock Is Coming

We face four of the biggest challenges that we have ever faced. In fact, it has been five thousand years since we faced anything like these challenges. Any one of them would destroy us, and they are coming down upon us all at once, in one last big shock – an Omega Shock. And, we are ignoring it. Challenge Number One: Natural Resource Collapse The discovery of fossil fuels enabled us to harvest ever greater amounts of natural resources. This cornucopia revolutionized our civilization and ushered in a golden age of communication, education, art, travel, science and an incredible technology. … Read more


Two years ago, I stumbled across something that knocked me down and shook me up. In other words, it was a revelation. When ancient Greeks suffered such a revelation, they referred to it as ἀποκάλυψις, or apocálypsis (normally, with the involvement of some diety). Of course, we don’t say ‘apocalypsis’. We say ‘apocalypse’. How do we use ‘apocalypse’ today? When we say ‘apocalypse’, we mean disaster. That is because the Book of Revelation, which is chock full of disaster, was written in Greek. And, the title of the book? Ἀποκάλυψις Ἰωάννου, or ‘Apocalypsis Ioannou’ Of course, we Anglicized it to: … Read more

The Illuminati Are Not Zionist, Part 4

I was just now doing doing some research into the history of freemasonry in Israel and stumbled across some of the dumbest articles that I’ve ever seen. How can people be so abysmally stupid? But, it did make me realize something important. When looking at Israel, you have to work very hard to find masonic and Illuminati symbols. And, that’s a very important thing to remember. When the Illuminati take over, they leave their mark of ownership everywhere. This is why Washington D.C. is laid out using Illuminati symbolism. The United States is owned, lock-stock-and-barrel, by the Illuminati. Bought and … Read more

Legends of the Black Pope

What comes next is a little more difficult to see. We have very few defectors from within the Illuminati, and none of them have been very high within the organization itself. There are some who claim to have been in the leadership of the Illuminati, but those individuals appear to be highly fraudulent. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that there is a connection between the Vatican and the Illuminati. Just as it is with so many Luciferian organizations, lower level members have little or no idea what is happening at the upper levels. That is why the Vatican can … Read more

Back to Lucifer

In fact, everything will always swing back to him. But, why HIM? Why did Adam Weishaupt choose Lucifer? We can only speculate, but think of it this way. Weishaupt wanted the Illuminati to be powerful, and the Illuminati’s biggest competitor in the game of power would have been the Roman Catholic church. She had her fingers everywhere, and Weishaupt must have naturally wanted to make sure that the Catholics didn’t get their claws into this new cult. In fact, he may actually have wanted something that could subvert Rome herself. If Weishaupt had created a quasi-Christian organization, that would have … Read more

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