Antichrist and Tribulation are coming. Get ready.

February 3, 2017
by John Little -

Ominous Portents for 2017

I saw some things this week that made me sit up and take notice:

  • Ben Swann disappeared after his #pizzagate expose
  • False rumor about Assad
  • American involvement in the Indian monetary debacle
  • The significance of Steve Bannon as Trump’s strategist
  • Financial collapse, sometime during the third quarter of 2017

Those five things from this past week have stuck in my head, and they portend darker things to come. Especially that last one.

Read on as I tell you what I think about their significance.

May 1, 2015
by John Little -

The Controlled Demolition of Our World

The Elites see the handwriting on the wall. Disaster approaches for our civilization, and they wish to shape that disaster to maximize their own wealth and power. They also wish to hide the fact that this disaster stems from their own actions.

They will accomplish this by creating the right kind of environment that will lead to the right kind of people – who will gather and do what comes naturally to them. The ensuing violence will distract the nation and compel them to accept the wholesale theft of their rights, freedoms and what little wealth that remains.

It will be a controlled demolition of our world.

July 8, 2013
by John Little -

Michael Hastings, Murdered

When a person dies under suspicious circumstances, you wonder whether it was murder.

When that person is a direct threat to an amoral, evil organization with a proven ability and willingness to commit murder to preserve a false reputation, you start to suspect murder.

When this is a reporter, investigating a huge story certain to cause huge damage to an evil organization with a proven ability and willingness to commit murder…

Well, what more do you need?

In fact, you go beyond murder, straight to assassination.