Antichrist and Tribulation are coming. Get ready.

January 5, 2018
by John Little -

The Road Ahead – 2018

I am so bad at prognostication, that I won’t really try to tell you what WILL happen. The best that I can do is describe the threats. These threats have been looming larger and larger with each passing year. And, some of them are new.

Please treat these seriously.

My hope is that we will have another year where we successfully dodge the bullets being fired at us. But, there is a limit to how often we can do that.

Will we run out of ‘luck’ in 2018?

November 10, 2017
by John Little -

Isaiah 17 – Redux

We spend a lot of time thinking about The Big Event – The Great Tribulation, Gog and Magog, Global Thermonuclear War, etc. What we often fail to realize is that there are a host of events that happen between now and then, events that bring the world to the point of the destruction foretold by the prophets in the Bible.

I know this failure to realize all too well. I am routinely appalled by my inability to see what is right in front of my eyes. But, God is good, and He always brings someone along to show me what I’ve missed. And, I pass this hard-earned wisdom on to you.

Damascus is going to fall, and it will be horrifying.

March 1, 2013
by John Little -


Until… oh, six months ago… I would have placed Islam at the top of the threat list. Now, I find myself debating about whether to put it up at all. And, that’s very, very interesting.

Of course, they ARE a threat, and they are even something of an existential threat. But, they wouldn’t be a problem for us, were it not for the organizations that I spoke of before. Everything that is happening right now, has been engineered to happen, right now. And, the Muslims are NOT doing the engineering. In one sense, they are as much a victim as we are.

April 27, 2012
by John Little -
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Rumours of War 3

I saw Rumours of War 3 last night, and it is an eye-opener. Iran has deeply penetrated the United States and has been working its way into government and into strategically sensitive areas. We’ve even been catching members of the Iranian delegation to the UN touring in groups and photographing bridges, power plants, military bases and suchlike.

You know… typical Iranian tourist stuff.

I’ve talked about an EMP strike, but what about a strike by armed guerrillas?

There are only 5,800 active power plants in the United States. How many people would it take to bring them all down?