The CIA Criminal Empire that Started with Operation Gladio – The Weekend ShockCast

What you are about to listen to, in one sense, is something that has been years in the making. For years, I have wondered at how Afghanistan could be the source of 93% of the world’s heroin. I just couldn’t understand how the US Air Force could completely control the airspace of Afghanistan, while thousands of square miles of opium poppies were under cultivation.

We could see those poppy fields from the air, and could have sprayed them with any of the massively potent herbicides at our disposal, but we didn’t.


We had satellites that monitored everything that went on in Afghanistan – along with everything that went in and out of Afghanistan. There was seemingly no way that so much heroin could actually be leaving such a remote, land-locked country that was under the complete control of the United States military.

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Reviewing the Review of Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance – Gladio Part 4

The truth about what America created is almost unimaginable. But, only almost. If we did not know about other CIA evils, we would dismiss what we are seeing here as just the fevered imagination of an over heated mind. Even so, the horror of what has been done is hard to face. But, the cost of ignoring the truth is far too high.

So, we MUST face this.

We must also realize that God is just and His judgment for these evils will not be withheld for long. Evil has a price, and it must always be paid in full.

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We Must Be Stopped

Our technocratic civilization has reached such dizzying heights, that even the boundaries of mortality are being challenged. We envision humanity spreading out into the solar system, and then into the rest of the Universe. We fiddle with the very code of life, with barely a thought about the consequences. We engage in the massacre of our precious children and plot the murder of billions.

This vile civilization of ours cannot be allowed to continue, so it won’t. God will shake the world and destroy our rebellion against Him.

The question is whether you will be ready, when God tears down our carefully crafted way of life.

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The Hidden Hand and Current Events

The Hidden Hand seeks power, everywhere. This vile evil attempts to influence and manipulate any organization that has the ear of the people. And it enslaves the minds of all who fall under its shadow. Satan created this evil and offers himself as an angel of enlightenment to all who seek understanding. I have seen many fall under his sway, as they seek to figure out his plans.

Stick with the Bible. THERE you will find the truth. All other sources should be treated with suspicion – even myself.

So, as we look at China, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, Iran, Financial collapse, Martial Law, Jade Helm and all the other catastrophes that lie at our doorstep… just know that a Hidden Hand seeks to use these events to gain advantage.

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The Hidden Hand

We face threats that are as deadly as they are incomprehensible. Life seems so normal, yet the course of the world leads right into the abyss.


This insanity comes from somewhere, a ‘somewhere’ that defies analysis until you understand that it has a religious foundation. That religion worships Lucifer, and it wants YOU.

This Luciferianism lies at the heart of the problems with Greece, our global financial collapse and the threat of world war. It concentrates power in the hands of the bankers. It creates war and conflict. It distracts you with every lust of the flesh. It convinces you that everything is normal, when it most certainly isn’t.

It is the Hidden Hand. And…

Your ignorance of Evil is no barrier to the success of Evil.

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The Illuminati Are Not Zionist, Part 4

I was just now doing doing some research into the history of freemasonry in Israel and stumbled across some of the dumbest articles that I’ve ever seen. How can people be so abysmally stupid? But, it did make me realize something important. When looking at Israel, you have to work very hard to find masonic and Illuminati symbols. And, that’s a very important thing to remember. When the Illuminati take over, they leave their mark of ownership everywhere. This is why Washington D.C. is laid out using Illuminati symbolism. The United States is owned, lock-stock-and-barrel, by the Illuminati. Bought and … Click here to read the rest…

Bankster Cult Beliefs

So, what is it that this bankster cult believes? Well, it’s hard to know exactly what the Illuminati believes, but we have a few clues. First of all, they do NOT believe in Jesus Christ. Period. In fact, we have reports that if you should even mention His name at a meeting… you could get yourself horribly killed. Now, they agree that there was a person named Jesus Christ. But, apparently He was a Luciferian, DIDN’T raise from the dead, and is chained to a rock in Hell because He betrayed Lucifer. Right. Pull the other one. They also do … Click here to read the rest…


You probably would like some proof. Here I am telling you that there’s a 239 year old conspiracy of big bankers trying to remake the world into something rather dark and awful. Yeah. This would probably be a good time for some proof. And frankly, there’s nothing easier than launching into a list of one despicable fact after another. And, I will do that. But, not before I have laid out why all this is happening. If you don’t establish ‘the why’, you will never discern what is a real conspiracy from what is just innocent foolishness. The world is … Click here to read the rest…


Luciferianism? Really? Have I gone insane? (don’t answer that!) Well, I might be insane, but not for THAT reason. And yes, I really do mean Luciferianism. And yes, as I imply in my previous article, there is more than one kind. One kind of Luciferian is the outright Satan worshiper. They call their god Satan, and they are in your face about it. In fact, that’s probably the whole point – the shock effect. But, people who self-identify as worshiping Satan… well, they’re only a small part of that much-larger group of people we call Luciferian. But, I think that … Click here to read the rest…

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