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Secret Deals

We’ve had a huge number of ‘secret deals’ rear their ugly heads, and they have resulted in some of the worst bits of evil that we have ever seen. Obamacare was a secret deal. Agenda 21 was a secret deal. The Federal Reserve was a secret deal. The IRS was a secret deal. The Cold War was the result of a secret deal. The German Nazis that were brought in via Operation Paperclip to form the CIA, NASA and the biological weapons program was a secret deal. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty was a secret deal. The current treaty with Iran … Read more

Egyptians Torturing Christians

In the Sinai, they have torture camps where thousands of Christians are tortured every year. The Egyptian government knows where they are, and you can bet that the American government knows where they are. Why are they torturing these Christians? You mean, besides the fact that they are Christian? Money. Muslims know that a Christian family will do anything to save their father, mother, son or daughter. Anything. And, these Muslims call up the Christian families and demand everything they have while letting them hear the screams of their loved one over the phone. Isn’t Islam a lovely, lovely religion? … Read more

Airplane Radiation – Fukushima

Raise your hand if you do NOT want to know about risks. Small, large, long, short, or just plain BIG, you want to know if there is a risk for doing something. You may still do it, but you at least know the risk. For instance, I’m a Scuba diver. It’s been a long time since my last dive, but once a ‘diver’ always a ‘diver’. Anyway, the first thing that they tell you, when you are learning to Scuba dive, is the risk, and then they teach you what to do to minimize that risk. It’s one of the … Read more

Intellectual Prostitutes

They lied, and I believed the lie. I bought the lie – hook, line and sinker. Worse, they lied about a place that I loved more than any other on Earth: Israel. And, I prided myself in being too smart and sophisticated to let the lying liars catch me, but I was wrong. And, embarrassed. Oh… and very, very angry. That was more than 15 years ago, and I’ve been ranting and raving, ever since – trying to get people to wake up to the fact that they are being lied to, and that these lies are deadly. I’m thinking … Read more

The Corruption of America

I used to have a negative view of Porter Stansberry. I’m starting to see that my sources of information on Porter were biased and incorrect. And, because of an awesome article that he wrote this month… And, from listening to some of his podcasts… I’m seeing Porter Stansberry in a new light. His article on corruption in America hits the nail on the head. More than anything else, it is corruption – not US Presidents or Fed chairmen – that is at the heart of America’s problems. If we don’t solve OUR corruption, America stands no chance at all. Here’s … Read more

22 Signs That Civilization is Failing

One of the sites on my ‘watch list’ is The Economic Collapse. It’s written by a recovering lawyer who leaves us only his first name to identify himself with. Like me, he’s given up the career track for something vastly more important. He says it this way: Someone once told me that life is like a coin – you can spend it any way that you want, but you can only spend it once.  I believe that this is going to be one of the most dramatic eras in all of human history and I want my life to have … Read more

Corruption, Disgusting Corruption and US

We have become corrupt, disgustingly corrupt. We’ve gotten so rich and soft, that it doesn’t matter that our politicians have stolen our future. We’re so fat and happy that a resurgent Russia can run deep cover spy operations in the centers of US government – with impunity. We’re so caught up in our polyanna world of love, love, love (all we need is love) that we cannot envision ANYONE wanting to destroy lovable old us. And, we’re so stupid and ignorant that when Ben Bernanke says that the Federal Reserve is your friend… we believe him. Life has been so … Read more

We Are Doomed!

We’re doomed? Sounds a bit melodramatic. I should probably wear one of those black, medieval cloaks with the big hood, set up dramatic back lighting and do arm waving as I moan. Doom! DOOOOOOM! Do you think that I should get some chains to rattle? Might be overkill. However ridiculous the word picture, it doesn’t change the fact of our eventual demise. We really, truly are on the path to complete ruin. We have lost control of our political system, and our leadership grows richer while our nation grows poorer. We have allowed slick advertising and empty promises to set … Read more

America – Awfully Like Israel Used To Be

I’ve got this One Year Bible (OYB) thing going all year round. I’m sure that you know about it, but for those of you who don’t, I’ll explain. Basically, it’s a version of the bible that is split up into 365 pieces. Each day you have about twenty to thirty minutes worth of reading. You get a 1/365th of the Old Testament, a 1/365th of the New Testament, a 1/365th of Psalms, and a a 1/365th of Proverbs. (Although, some versions of the OYB will take you through Psalms and Proverbs twice in a year.) I like it. It keeps … Read more

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