The Corruption of America

I used to have a negative view of Porter Stansberry. I’m starting to see that my sources of information on Porter were biased and incorrect. And, because of an awesome article that he wrote this month…

And, from listening to some of his podcasts…

I’m seeing Porter Stansberry in a new light.

His article on corruption in America hits the nail on the head. More than anything else, it is corruption – not US Presidents or Fed chairmen – that is at the heart of America’s problems. If we don’t solve OUR corruption, America stands no chance at all.

Trying to Get the Point Across

I recently sat with some buddies at a McDonalds here in Taipei, and I brought up some of the stuff that I’m seeing. You know, disaster, mayhem and the end of the world – the usual fare that appears on this site.

Now, I know how the operatives for Mossad L’Aliyah Bet felt when they were warning everyone about Hitler. People just couldn’t get their head around that kind of evil, so they ignored it.

And, millions died.

Here we go again.

Read Your Bible, You Schlub

I can’t say this enough times, so I’m saying it again, now.


And no, I don’t mean some piddly little bit from Psalms and a Proverb each morning. No, I mean The Bible. All of it.

If you’ve never done it, start now. Right. Now.

Nothing that I talk about here will do you any good if you do not have the decision-making ability to carry out what needs to be done. We call the ability to make good decisions wisdom. Yes. Yes, I know that wisdom also includes discernment and elements of knowledge. You get those from the bible, too.

We Are Doomed!

We’re doomed?

Sounds a bit melodramatic.

I should probably wear one of those black, medieval cloaks with the big hood, set up dramatic back lighting and do arm waving as I moan. Doom! DOOOOOOM! Do you think that I should get some chains to rattle?

Might be overkill.

However ridiculous the word picture, it doesn’t change the fact of our eventual demise. We really, truly are on the path to complete ruin. We have lost control of our political system, and our leadership grows richer while our nation grows poorer. We have allowed slick advertising and empty promises to set the agenda. We’ve allowed wealth to determine who gains political office.

Rise of the Flea Party

That’s right. The Flea Party – as in wingless, blood-sucking parasites.

As economic devastation rolls down on us it’s always nice to know that useful idiots will always rise to any idiot occasion with a completely idiotic frequency. I’ve often said that liberalism is politics for those who can’t do math, and it’s well-known that idiots can’t do math. (I sense a connection) Is it therefore any wonder to mathematically-challenged idiots raging in the streets because there are people doing really, really good, while everyone else is doing just… well… …good.