Iran Has Nuclear Weapons

About four years ago, I speculated that Iran already had nuclear weapons, because it didn’t make sense that Iran would pass up the opportunity to procure such weapons from poorly guarded stockpiles in the Soviet Union. It just didn’t make sense to me that a paranoid, imperialistic country like Iran would not jump at the chance to get ‘the ultimate weapon’. Well, it seems that I was right. Iran did take the opportunity to get nuclear weapons on the cheap, and they now have the means to use those weapons. The question now remains, how long will they wait to … Read more

7 Pieces of Horrendous

It is difficult to keep up with what’s going on. Not only is the news horrifying, but it keeps getting worse and worse. We’re talking bad news of truly biblical proportions. And, I can’t keep up with it. More accurately, I can’t write about all of it. I don’t type fast enough, and who wants to read all of that, anyway? But, it’s the weekend, so maybe you’ll have a bit of extra time to troll through some stuff that I haven’t been able to fit in. And yes, you really need to read this. And yes, it is all … Read more

EMP is Taken More Seriously

Unfortunately, ‘more’ just doesn’t equate to ‘enough’, but the fact that both Maryland and Florida are actually running a drill, simulating a complete failure of the power grid… Well, it’s a step in the right direction. Of course, I don’t WANT steps in the right direction. Like you, I want SOLUTIONS, and that means Congress needs to get its act together and pass the SHIELD Act NOW! No, actually, it needs to do that YESTERDAY. (Could someone PLEASE invent the time machine?) The confident rhetoric coming out of Tehran should make us all very nervous. They are saying that they … Read more

The SHIELD Act (HR 668)

It’s good to see that Congress has not completely forgotten the threat of an EMP attack, or another Carrington Event. If you have a moment, tell your Congressman that it is vital that he/she vote yes to this important bill. Here’s an article from Reza Kahlili, and I strongly encourage you to read it and act on it: Iran and the EMP Threat The first thing they will notice is there is no power. Another damn power outage, they will grumble — but then again, there has been no storm. Confused, some will try to call for information, but the … Read more

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