Why ‘Who Your Neighbors Are’ Matters

As the Aftershock (and then the OmegaShock) causes life to crumble around us, one of the most important issues will be about your neighbors. Can you trust your neighbors to look out for you, as you look out for them? Will your neighbors attack you? Will they report you to a rapacious government that seeks your harm? If you don’t know the answers to those questions, you need to find out – and move, if you don’t like the answers. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: This is perhaps a prime example of when bureaucracy goes too far. A Salem … Read more

Welcome to the End of the World

Financial catastrophe, resource crash, global war and a globalist agenda are coming together to do terrible damage. And, I have yet to see anyone put all this together. Everyone seems to have a piece of it. Some understand the war that we’re in. Others get the financial disaster. Some even have a handle on the global decline in vital reserves of oil, copper, uranium, etc. A few even understand how the globalist agenda impacts this lethal mix. But, who can put the pieces together and show you what’s happening? I haven’t found anyone, so I must not be looking hard … Read more

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