The SHIELD Act (HR 668)

It’s good to see that Congress has not completely forgotten the threat of an EMP attack, or another Carrington Event. If you have a moment, tell your Congressman that it is vital that he/she vote yes to this important bill.

Here’s an article from Reza Kahlili, and I strongly encourage you to read it and act on it:

Iran and the EMP Threat

The first thing they will notice is there is no power. Another damn power outage, they will grumble — but then again, there has been no storm. Confused, some will try to call for information, but the phones will be down. The TV, the radio — nothing, no reception.

The Image of the Beast

I’ve always wondered about this passage:

Revelation 13:14-15

14 And he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life.

15 And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

9/11 Conspiracy Theories

This is a bit off topic for this site, but I hafta say something.

These 9/11 conspiracy theories are incredible. 9/11 Truthers, do they also believe that the world is flat?

The Loch Ness Monster?


Do they maybe think that the moon landings were a hoax?

With all the crazy stuff going on in the world, we don’t need more. One of my favorite quotes comes from the movie “As Good As It Gets”:

“…Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here.”

Memories of 9/11

I remember where I was when the planes hit the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. I remember the shock and the horror.

I was sitting in front of my computer, at work in northern Jerusalem, banging out yet another manual, when the guy sitting next to me exclaimed, “a plane has hit the World Trade Center!”

I was surprised but thought that it could only have been some idiots joyriding in a private aircraft – and had an accident. I went back to the book I was writing.

October Could Be Bad

I track Gerald Celente because he has a track record of being right. So, when he gets on the Alex Jones show and expresses caution about October, sit up and take notice.

It could all fall apart.

The downside is that Gerald said this on the Alex Jones show, who is a bit… um… out there. Alex Jones is one of the guys that believes that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ – a false flag operation.

Alex believes that the 9/11 terrorists were acting on behalf of the CIA?


When Do We Hit the Limit

I’ve been wondering about this for a while. I’m curious about the point where God says, “this far, and no farther.” What does that point look like? How close are we? I think that part of it has something to do with the capacity for evil and the capacity to live forever – and even the capacity to become god-like.

Rise of the Cult of Death

This is disturbing.

I just got this from Pajamas Media, and I think that you’ll like this just as much as I did:

Her shrines can be found in the lairs of the most violent criminal gangs, her worshipers are known to have committed verified human sacrifices, and her cult has spread from secret temples in rural Mexico to almost every large city in America. Santa Muerte — the death goddess of Mexican narco-cults — has arrived in America and established a foothold in our communities that will be impossible to dislodge. While many are rightfully concerned about jihadists crossing our southern border, there is another death cult spreading among us that is just as dangerous as Islamic terrorists.

The New Madrid Fault

I grew up in Indiana, knowing about the fault line that ran through the bottom of Indiana, and knowing that one day that fault was going to go.

Well, concern for that fault line is back.

In May, the Federal government ran an exercise, simulating the 7.7 earthquake that happened in 1811. They estimated 100,000 deaths  and more than 7 million displaced from their homes – and many more without power, water, etc.

Here’s an excerpt from an article in Wired:

Fed Energy Estimate Wrong

Remember when I said that we are on the way to experiencing a crash in vital resources?

Well, it appears that the situation is a lot worse than expected. We actually have FEWER resources than we thought.

Specifically energy resources.

According to Bloomberg:

The U.S. will slash its estimate of undiscovered Marcellus Shale natural gas by as much as 80 percent after a updated assessment by government geologists.

The formation, which stretches from New York to Tennessee, contains about 84 trillion cubic feet of gas, the U.S. Geological Survey said today in its first update in nine years. That supersedes an Energy Department projection of 410 trillion cubic feet, said Philip Budzik, an operations research analyst with the Energy Information Administration.