The Second American Revolution and the Globalist Plan to Defeat It

We are on the verge of another American revolution, and some have predicted that it will start this year. At all levels, the US government is perpetrating crimes that cry out for people to rise up and take down the corrupt oligarchy that we have, and replace it with something more honest. The problem is that the globalists understand this, especially since they are the authors of the corruption we wish to eliminate.

In fact, they may even be the ones who are managing the revolution that so many wish to start. Can you see the wheels within wheels, here?


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As I said yesterday, the globalists have a plan to take over the world. And, their plan cannot include a superpower that would upset the balance. Only superpowers that have been enslaved to their will can be allowed to exist. So, American patriotism must be completely neutralized.

The problem is that pesky patriots are everywhere. And, they always come out of the ‘wood work’ at the worst possible moment. And, they have guns – with the skill to use them. So, what are the poor globalists going to do?

Very good question.

They’ve been trying the direct approach to getting your guns for years, and they’ll keep doing that. They’ve gotten the educational system and the media to pump out the anti-gun message. The Veteran’s Administration has already started taking guns away from those who know which end to shoot with. And, it looks like they might use Obamacare, but that’s been a bit of a mess.

Oh, and they’ve been working on the states, but some of them just haven’t gotten the message.

Of course, they knew that they were only going to get just ‘so far’, before they had to resort to more drastic measures.

That’s why they’ve gone out and identified all the troublemakers. And, it should be clear that they have ALREADY done that. They know with absolute certainty who everyone is and where they are. They know what you’re like, what you believe, what you own and how ready you are to cause problems for the New World Order.

If you think otherwise, you’re a couple planes short of an air force.

Now, remember that the last thing the globalists want is to engage in shootouts with armed patriots. Armed conflict is expensive and exhausting. And, there’s more of us, than of them. So, they need you to surrender without a shot. And, they know how to get you to do that.

Of course, they’ll keep trying to get their way, ‘on the cheap’. They may even up the tempo a bit with a few extra atrocities to grab any ‘low-hanging fruit’. But, they know that this route will offer limited success.

Ultimately, they’ll resort to the tried and true method of the catastrophe grande. It will be something so big, that everyone will gladly give up their weapons, and their freedom in exchange for their lives. And, this will be the message:

“Give us your guns and your freedom, and we’ll save your life – and the lives of those you love.”

Fathers, is there ANYTHING that you would NOT give up to save the life of your little girl, or little boy?

I don’t have children, but I know with complete certainty that  – except for God Himself – there is nothing that I would not give up to save my wife or my children. Nothing.

Can you see how vulnerable I am to being controlled?

All they need to do to win is hold hostage those that we love.

  • If a massive epidemic swept the nation, would you give up your guns to protect your children?
  • If an EMP attack took out the power grid, would you give up your guns to feed your family and survive the winter?
  • If the financial system collapsed, leaving you homeless, would you give up your guns and your freedom to put a roof over the heads of your family?

Remember that the globalists are the most evil and diabolical people on Earth. There is NOTHING that they will not do to get what they want. Nothing.

We’ll talk more about what they might be up to, tomorrow.

Are you ready for this?


If you find a flaw in my reasoning, have a question, or wish to add your own viewpoint, leave a comment. Your input is truly welcome.


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32 thoughts on “The Second American Revolution and the Globalist Plan to Defeat It”

  1. Ben Franklin’s words were solid 200 plus yrs ago ,an remain so today.
    Those that would give up their Liberty for a promise of saftey … Deserves neither.

  2. If you stay under Gods provision then of course He will provide. Scripture tells us That unless a man provide for his own then he is worse than an Infidel, this includes self defense and the defense of others, The sword of the day is the firearm, Jesus didn’t tell Peter to turn in his sword he told him to put it away, Jesus had to fulfill prophecy and go to the cross. Jesus also told his disciples to ” Sell your cloak and buy a sword.

    How disgusting to hear the church today quote Romans 13, as if they have a clue of its interpretation. In a fallen world, to think everything is gonna be just peachy, is a mistake. As a former Deputy Sheriff, i could not imagine going on duty without my firearms, due to mans sin nature. Gods part he will do, our part he will not do! You have a duty to act. Never surrender that which you can defend the life and that of others HE GAVE YOU!

  3. “Fathers, is there ANYTHING that you would NOT give up to save the life of your little girl, or little boy?”

    Funny you should bring up this question at this time and concerning the subject?!!! The answer to this for myself as many/most others would be an Absolute No!!! I personally kicked to the curb a long served Military Career for this very reason (My son) – and am glad I did since learning that what our poor misled Soldiers have fought and died to protect and preserve was/is not Freedom and Justice for the World – but a NWO Globalists Agenda! Under the guise of Freedom – our Soldiers have actually been “USED” to enslave the World. What a surprise?! The “Father of Lies” deceives the masses!!!

    The good news is that, as you so clearly point out above – there’s a hoard of gun owning G-d fearers that stand in the way. The bad news is that, for the Globalist NWO agenda to proceed – those gun owning G-d fearers must be taken out of the way – which is leading directly to the Revolution/Civil War you speak of..

  4. Cont’d

    The “Really” Bad News for the (Blind) NWO Globalists (And Everybody) is that it is during the mentioned coming Civil War/Revolution that our Enemies —- sneak up on Babylon the Mysterious Occultic Whore – and BURN HER TO THE GROUND!!!!

    The NWO Global Occultist’s will see their New Alantis BURNED. Their Children Slaughtered and their Wives Raped and taken!!!!

    Is 47 says it all. G-d was speaking to them – the “GLOBALIST’s”!!!

    Isiah 47:12-13
    “Keep on, then, with your magic spells
        and with your many sorceries,
        which you have labored at since childhood. (NWO Occultist’s)
    Perhaps you will succeed,
        perhaps you will cause terror.
    13 All the counsel you have received has only worn you out!

  5. P.S.
    How close are we?! (To HER destruction?!)
    You be the Judge!!!

    U.S. Flag Falls (This Happened Aug 4th = Obama’s B’Day)

    “I Saw (The Life of) America Flash Before My Eyes”

    “G-d Will NOT BE MOCKED”

    “Woe be unto you Babylon”

    A. A. Allen 1954 Vision (Destruction of America/Babylon)

    Henry Gruver 1986 Vision (Destruction of America/Babylon)

    Interesting Notes concerning A.A. Allens 1954 Vision and Henry Gruver!
    1. Allen saw defense Missiles in his Vision (Like Patriots), not even conceived of in 1954.
    2. Henry Gruver (The Prayer Walker) – Prayer Walked Japan and caught an Airplane out of Japans SENDAI Airport 3 hours before 2011’s Earthquake and Tsunami!!!

  6. I believe it will be an event that appears to be a natural… an earthquake in the New Madrid fault zone or California. This kind of event can displace millions. If that many people are displaced, where are they to go? Not to mention that these people would be armed and gladly give-up their weapons for food and shelter. Yes, it will be a large scale event that will strike fear into millions of people to give-up their guns under the guise of protection for their families.

  7. Listen, being a woosie is the only thing that most people understand! Stand up and be a man! My family has things in place if this happens. We are all willing to give up our life if it comes down to loosing our freedom’s! You have to live it, not just talk about it, long before most thought of survival we were already preparing for it.
    Being afraid is what they want, we outnumber them 400 to 1 !! At the start most are scarred and helpless, but when you start to get abused you start growing a back bone.
    You have to live in the moment and you have to dispel any fears that you have, you have to think straight and get prepared for anything and every thing, period! Watching dancing with the stars and the Kardashians will only lead to more neural linguistic programming, Break free of the stupidity and start using your computer to learn, that is what it was initially made for, not being a toy or time waster!!!!
    I could go on forever but there are websites for that too. WAKE -UP no one is going to protect you and no one is going to feed and cloth you. You will be on your own, So, turn off the mind control programming, get off your butt and begin to learn to save you own life and those that you love. Learn to hunt as well as to kill. Be a man not a 21st century baby,

  8. Maybe the answer to your questions should be no. Ultimately, if you have already made the decision that you value something more highly than freedom then you have already given up your freedom.

    • Hi John Redcliff,

      I certainly value God more than my freedom. And, I also love my wife more than any personal benefit that freedom would give me.

      So I guess that you would say that I have given up my freedom?

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

      • Buddy if you give up your weapons you immediately become a powerless slave that has to do what ever they say. You may save ur kids for minute but they will just live a horrible satanic slave life if you let these monsters prevail. Stay strong. Love God. Die on ur feet fighting don’t live on your knees in slavery

        • Hi Peter Tully,

          Again, I would have to rely on the words and actions of Jesus for direction. He did not call us to armed struggle against our government. Jesus certainly could have called for revolution against the Romans, but did not.

          Each of us will need to follow our understanding of the Bible in this, but I choose to get out of the way of this Satanic juggernaut.

          Yours in Christ,

          John Little

  9. The puppet masters want to re-populate the planet with Nephilim, made in the image of fallen angels, instead of homo sapiens, made in the image of God.
    Any compromise or weakness will further their plan.
    The ‘elitist’ humans are to be killed last, once they have been utilised to reduce the remaining population to fresh meat zombie status.

  10. I would love to see the government take my guns. I would shoot them if they tried for no reason. As for not having a roof or food….. if I still no how to build a cabin and deer still walk in the woods and vegetables grow in the ground. Ill be fine. Those who truly love their country are willing to give all things for its betterment. “The tree of liberty must be watered time to time by the blood of tyrants and patriots” Thomas Jefferson. America has not gone under yet but we need to fix it now!

    • Hi Peter Tully,

      If shooting evil people were the answer, I would join you on the front lines. Unfortunately, we were the ones who put them there. The true cause of our misfortunes is inside of us. Our evil government is merely the symptom of our own foolishness. Fixing that will take more than guns and ammunition.

      And, let’s not forget that Jesus did not call for His followers to take up arms against the Romans who were unjust occupiers of the Land of Israel. I am not saying that we do not have the right of self-defense, but the right to start a revolution is the fruit of an entirely different tree.

      Tread carefully, Peter.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  11. I am reluctant to give my real email cause you could be government…I totally agree with you. We need the military and law enforcement on our side. I suspect that members of both would support a revolution. Show our strength on May 16, 2014. I hope for millions of protestors!

    • Hi bill,

      I completely understand. Having said that, the NSA probably knows who you are – even if I don’t. Of course, we’re all pretty small fry at the moment.

      I have a lot of concerns about this ‘American Spring’ thing. I believe that any revolution that happens will quickly be taken over by the Luciferians.

      Watch your back, Bill.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  12. We give the globalists way too much credit, but their control is only getting stronger. We are wasting our time trying to fix this broken system of governance, which serves to do nothing but offer a monopoly on force and the illusion of a democracy. Freedom won’t be given to us, we will have to take it.

  13. I’m ready. The tree of liberty looks thirsty, Im willing to feed her with mine and thiers. Death at their hands standing up to them will be a blessing. My death will rally millions. They will lose. There will be liberty, before christs return. Do not wait for him to come back. They purposefully make it seem like its the end times to get Christians to submit! Christ did not say if a tyrant stabs you in the front, turn and let him stab you in the back. Getting murdered for your religious beliefs is different that being murdered by despotic goons. Stand up, our founders, well many of them, were god fearing people and killed those who would abuse them. Do not let our founders faith and sacrifice made mute by your unwillingness to take up arms. If they seek to gain your submission by holding your family hostage, let them die. Let the deaths of those you love fuel your fire and hatred of despotism. God gave us freedom, do not let men take it from you. You must remember, they cant kill us all, for who would do the work? Certainly not themselves.

    • Hi callsign joker,

      Please be careful. Some of what you speak of is not in the Bible. We are guaranteed freedom only if we are righteous. We have not been righteous for a long, long time.

      And, Christ promised that there would NOT be liberty when He returned, but He did promise to lead the armies of heaven against those who took it away.

      Remember that the Bible is our guide, and no other document.

      Thank you, cj.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  14. You are already “controlled” slaves to your make believe “god”
    When do you grow up and realize that “you” are real and “god”
    left us a long time ago.
    The creators have left us with the “teachers” and those same “teachers”
    have flipped the script to suffice their wicked desires.
    You have been misled by your own kind.
    You are right about one thing, for this world to ever be “changed” for the better, many must die.

    • Hi Remus,

      I’m sorry that you feel this way, Remus. You must see the world as a pretty dark place, devoid of hope.

      There is a God, who came and paid for your sins. He is willing and able to give you eternal life, if you are willing to take hold of it.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  15. There are always two factions in war. The ones who deal with politics and those who deliver death personally. It all depends deep down on how you feel is the best way to conquer. You either want to talk it out or duke it out. Do know that there comes a time when even the political guy is put into a situation where he or she will take up arms. Proverbs tells us that there is a time to kill. God knows that we are not perfect and we will do unrighteous things, hence the reason he sent Jesus to die for our sins. There are two major entities that exist, and that’s good and evil or positive energy and negative energy. It all depends on what you choose to fight for. Just know that the war of good and evil will be fought for eternity or as long as consciousness exists. But I choose to fight for good and if bearing arms is necessary then so be it.

    • Hi 13,

      Taking a New Age view of the Bible is a dangerous path. The Bible is clear that this isn’t about positive or negative energy.

      Please read your Bible. You can read the whole thing in a year, and it will change your life.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  16. I feel that I am on the path I’m on is because I am seeking wisdom and knowledge. The bible also tells us to study to show ourselves approved. We all have a certain purpose as to the event of war between good and evil. So my viewpoint may not make sense to one who is on a different path and belief. But be sure that we both are fighting for good, you and I John. Also there is nothing new under the sun, so as far as evil manipulation of the masses on a world scale, evil is far advanced to those with a blind eye and deaf ear. Along with reciprocity, courage and not having fear has been stripped from us leaving us vulnerable and susceptible to sticking to one way of thinking. Knowing that our creator has given us the ability to imagine. It is hard to stick to one way of thinking without gaining knowledge and wisdom from different aspects of life and people. Escape fear and be open minded, but be able to discern between good and evil for it can be a confusing task.

    • Hi 13knowledge13wisdom13love,

      Your use of New Age vocabulary indicates that you are seeking for truth that is outside the Bible.

      Please understand that Satan cloaks himself as an angel of light. It is not for nothing that his name in Latin is Lucifer – the light bringer. Do not get sucked into Satan’s trap.

      The Bible is the ONLY source of spiritual truth. I truly fear that you are in grave danger.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

  17. I do believe that the Bible holds key information for the betterment of our lives and souls. I just feel that in order to completely understand or comprehend what the bible talks about. One has to study. And by studying it is necessary to venture out of the box and ask questions and stumble upon clues or information pertaining to what is written in scripture. Seek and you shall find. A few questions, do you meditate? Do you believe that we receive energy from the sun? Do you believe in mother nature? Are you a vegan or do you still eat meat, whether on occasion or everyday? Do you believe that we are suppose to be in harmony with nature? I see that you believe in Jesus and have him as an idol. Do you believe that you have the same power as Jesus? He said that ye shall do greater works than me. Do you think church is still a place to visit even when he specifically told you that church is in you, that you are the temple? I am in no way disregarding what the bible says but only seeking info to understand. There is a difference between face value and deeper meaning.

    • Hi 13,

      I understand your point of view. If I was in your situation, I would probably do the same.

      But, there’s a difference between point of view and truth.

      Unfortunately, I can’t make you see the truth, because that requires faith, and you don’t have that. That isn’t a criticism, it’s just what it is.

      I wish you well, 13. I hope that faith catches hold of you one day. It truly is an amazing thing.

      Jesus really is the ONLY way, truth and life.

      Yours in Christ,

      John Little

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